London So Far and a Play

Where do I even begin to talk about.

If you have seen my Instagram, I posted a picture of the view over Iran desert when flying from Dubai to London. It was breathtaking. It made me realize how intrigued I have been with the Middle East. Perhaps one day I could try visiting despite all that was happening. Not alone, of course. Dubai is a good place to start, I think.

As per usual, my arrival in London was fairly the same as my arrival in the States—I didn’t feel all that foreign. Singapore has already grounded my impression of a multinational city, so apart from the accent, I still saw plenty of Chinese speaking Chinese, etc. The signs at the train and Tube stations were a little confusing, especially when multiple lines shared a platform unlike Singapore, but it’s just a matter of getting used to it.

The play, Labour of Love, was amazing. I sat next to a very enthusiastic lady who clearly knew her politics and history, while I only know a handful from my readings prior to the play. I couldn’t believe I knew how to laugh over specific political joke. Of course, I still had that phobia of angry yelling which startled me a couple of times, but all in all, it was an amazing play. Utterly inspired by the effort they put into the three hours, improvising and making it through. It’s funny how, after watching Martin Freeman on stage, I began to see him as a human rather than a celebrity. I think my impression of theatres had always been exclusively that they are made by actors with ordinary lives, and seeing him up there sets in stone who he truly is, as with every celebrity. Even Kwong Loke, who appeared for only one scene, has become my inspiration just by being in the play, because apparently I can’t escape the pride in my culture and the success he brought to it. At least, it brushed away my worries that I only wanted to become a celebrity, but in truth, I just want to be a human, who writes as a job, and inspires others and my people as I go along. Yes, definitely, that is what I want in my life.

Hence, my plan now, is to take a two to three months break after the bonus payout in June 2018, just to write and work on fulfilling my dreams. Perhaps stay in London for it. I am praying hard on this.

It is my third day in London now. Hope the weather will be in my favour.


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