Convention and London Afterthoughts

“You’ve only been in London for a few days and you’re already expert at navigating through it!”
I didn’t notice this until it was told to me, and I looked back and realized what a miracle it had been for me to feel like a local since day one.

Sorry for the long overdue report. The entire trip felt like a dream from the moment I stepped onto the plane on Monday, yet I felt as if I have never left it even after a week had passed. That is how much I loved the trip, and London. Although many things did not go as expected, such as a tour not working out, meetings not as hoped, time perhaps not as well spent, I still consider myself extremely lucky in the fact that I had many dreams fulfilled and resolutions strengthened.

It was a trip I needed.

Now, Sherlocked the convention in Birmingham. It surely wasn’t the first convention I have attended, and it still did remind me of how less than fond I am of conventions because of the crowd and little to no casual interaction or environment with the guests. I was already so incredibly lucky to speak with Lisa McAlister on several occasions, she was just so sweet. But I know I have made new friends for the first time and that is my main takeaway from the convention. People are so nice there, and that is a privilege to shy old me. Because of that, at least I feel like I can attend another convention again.

The fun thing about the convention though was to observe how it was done. Photoshoots, autograph signing… How do the guests do it? It’s like being at a wedding, posing for everyone who wants a picture with the newly weds. I almost imagine that I won’t be able to handle the convention if I were a guest to one. But, who knows, I guess.

Winter arrived to England just as I left. I wish I could stay despite it. It simply felt like the right place for me. So, the plan is to get the below done by June 2018 so I can return for good:

  1. Submit my book manuscript
  2. Get my teeth braces out
  3. Get the entire round of scalp treatment done

And with that, at least I’ll be ready to leave Singapore, and strive for my ambitions.

I hope that Mr. Martin Freeman would know that his compliment on my English is driving a lot of motivation in me to write. It means so much to me. I hope to have the influence to inspire others one day, just like he has for me.

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