About Daydreams

It’s such a blessing to be able to daydream an entire other world again.

I remember how I noticed as a child I could easily become entirely absorbed in a world I set up in my mind, whether it be imaginary games, or in stories that I write, or books that I read and movies that I watch. The real world was completely shut out from my senses. I used to daydream a lot; my parents often accused me for being idle because of it.

But a lot of my plot ideas come from dreams and daydreams, so I never thought it cumbersome.

I suppose it was when my life started having more “real” things demanding my attention that I began feeling more miserable. Work, mobile devices and responsibilities have cluttered my mind so that for months or even years I had been having a hard time coming up with anymore creative plots. When I used to easily write on and on without stop, I now more easily run into so-called writer’s blocks; and I have been refusing to call them blocks since reading an article about how to overcome them. And it was to keep writing regardless. But there was the stress again: how do I keep writing, if I can’t even think of what to write?

That is why, it is a blessing to be able to daydream. So often my phone takes away my attention, when most times I’m actually not doing anything of worth, such as refreshing my Twitter timeline twenty times in a minute. But today, I had the phone in my hand, but my mind wandered to my current novel, about the upcoming plot bunnies and how they would be written. So far into it that as I walked from the bus stop to the gate of my flat, I barely noticed that I was walking—I could have been hit by a car without knowing it. (Please don’t try this.) It was a feeling that I have not encountered for years, and I love it. I love being able to know what to write, because I had the opportunity to think about it, to daydream about it.

That’s why the word count of this novel is quickly increasing, and I’m absolutely thrilled. May God help me to handle the rest of this work, because I don’t have anything else.

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