A Month Later

I still can’t get enough of London.

Imagining myself walking through now-familiar streets, browsing new favourite stores, feeling the chills of London fog on my face. The memories are so vivid in my mind that I cannot convince myself I was not there. It’s not normal for this to happen to me, as I usually quite easily forget lots of details of my vacation within two weeks of being back to work. But I came up with a few theories of why it is such:

  1. It’s the first trip that I wandered completely on my own.
    Taiwan and US didn’t count because I stayed with friends, I met with friends, I took many cabs just to get out to places. I always had people to mingle with. More than half the time in London, I was being an actual solo tourist, exploring at my own pace. Without the hurry to meet appointments, I got to soak in the city more thoroughly.
  2. Too many dreams came true.
    Being in London, the city that my parents lived in when they were less than my age, where Sherlock Holmes and Paddington Bear were born, where Mr. Bean and Mind Your Language were made, it made me feel like a child again. Not to mention meeting Mr. Martin Freeman. I cannot imagine a better experience than this.
  3. My sense of adventure is at its height.
    After successfully traveling to Taiwan and US on my own, London rolled in next on my list without much worry. I made more thorough plans than for the US, mapped out every destination that I would visit including how to get there. After an incredibly successful trip, I almost feel like I could go anywhere else in the world, and London had been my stepping stone for it.
  4. My current job simply isn’t favourable at the moment.
    I’ve said it many times, I’m at the edge of my patience. It’s already an achievement in the sense that I actually worked here for more than 1.5 years, which was my previous record in any work place. I thought I had finally found the job, but as it turned out, I’m still not cut for desk jobs, or even an IT job. Or a job in Singapore. Perhaps all of them.

Thankfully, my passion for writing is still burning. Yet NaNoWriMo has not been favourable on my part, since I was writing on my mobile phone, and it’s incredibly difficult to get enough words in when I’m only typing with my thumbs. I’m switching tactics from today, by writing on the laptop sometimes. Hopefully this will speed it up a lot more, because my goal is to get to 80k, and it has to be done by end of February. Then it will be about two months of editing, getting friends to proofread, so that the manuscript can be ready by May.

That’s the plan, but whether it will happen, I’m not sure. Still, I want to try. This is for my future and ambition, after all. Best of lucks to me.

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