On the bright side,

It’s nice to have a writer for a friend, to be able to share our challenges and views, and gain valuable insights from their experience.

“There are people like us, who, despite all the objections around us, instead of being discouraged them, are lifted higher in resolution and determination.” When put it that way, it certainly sounds more positive than to say that I’m simply being stubborn and “don’t see the reality of things”. It’s simply that I’m viewing things in a way that others don’t, and when I understand that there is never one ‘correct’ way.

It’s hard to be discouraged. I should know, having lived all my life being ‘different’ from the rest, feel ‘different’ from the rest. I never thought I could keep up in my friends’ conversations, or my family’s expectations, because my interests are far from theirs. I suppose the impression that no one makes an effort to understand my intentions puts me distant, depressed, determined to show them that I was right all along—in that exact order over the span of 15 years. Not that I hadn’t made lots of mistakes on the way, of course I do make them, but they built me to who I am now, and that’s precisely all that should matter.

Doesn’t mean that it’s okay to put people down, especially your own children. We live in a world where there is too much competition from the individual level to the national level. You gotta be the youngest, fastest, smartest or even the oddest to make it in the world, and it’s out there thanks to boundless internet. Which is why I’m glad that it hadn’t gotten to my head that I need to compete as well; I just need to do what I need to do, because I’m special in my own way, I have my own weaknesses and strengths to work on. So do the people around you. But more than half the time, we all need others to help us see who we are when we can’t see who we are, and it has to start with kind words. Criticize, but do it in a kind way that lifts them up instead of pulling them down.

Here is to hope that humanity could work for the better with that in mind. Meanwhile, I will continue to do my best with this resolution.

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