Figuring Out Themes

To understand that I’m not writing for the mere pleasure of popularity and fame, I need to know that I have a purpose for each book and series that I write. I don’t want to supply temporary excitement only for them to die down when it ends, but to leave a lasting impact on the readers so that their minds will be open and be inspired for good.

Because that’s what built my own life and will continue to build, with pure lessons and inspirations from stories.

I usually think and write at the same time, so these aren’t the most organized or even finalized ideas. Merely something to pen down so I have a physical base to refer to when needs arise.

Hot Shot Reporter is first because the main character, Dave Arson, was the very first original character that I created alongside his brother, Roy. Initially mystery stories inspired by the classic Enid Blyton’s Secret SevenThe Hardy Boys mysteries, and of course Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie, the stories eventually evolved from a high school level-headed boy to an over-enthusiastic boy in college whose only dream is to become a journalist, very likely due to a shift in my own interest as well. As I grew older and became more involved in the news of the increasingly chaotic world, I came to learn how not all news bore total truth without bias. My sister-in-law majored in journalism, but she chose not to enter the job field because of the heavy political bias of the papers. And we know the papers kept getting worse.

There must be plenty of shows out there reflecting the worse side of journalism, I don’t know. I’m not very informed of them. But I do want one where it’s both light and dark, reflection of true stories, a look into the characters’ reactions to news. It won’t be a show just about journalism, but also about investigations and uncovering truths, with tests of morality because these characters are only amateurs, just like myself. I’ll probably need collaboration with a writer who is well-versed in conspiracies and rumours, scandals and allegations. But this will be a look into what the real world is now, and allow the audience a thought on how news should be viewed through the lenses of various people.

The Empress comes next, being in progress. Still working on the title, but the opening of the story and the idea of little people riding birds came from a dream. There was no development at first, simply an outlet for when I felt inspired for fantasy writing. After writing more, the plot and theme grew more solid, and the characters made more sense. Suddenly, I have a group of four on a journey, and each had their own goals and agenda very quickly at the end of the day. Again, this story is an exploration of the personalities and decisions of various people, but also many personal views through the eyes of Illa, the main character, who is frankly my favourite part because she is the first female protagonist I have created, and I don’t know how to put it, but I want her to be one that breaks stereotypes but also emphasizes on feminine values—that labels don’t matter but individual worth is.

Because this world lacks it nowadays and forgets that each person is unique on their own, precious on their own. Hence individual worth as a theme of the story.

The Regenerator went through the most revision through the years. Initially, it was for the sci-fi adventures under the influence of Harry Potter, with a scene that specifically came from a dream (but scraped in the latest version), and now it’s another exploration of various opinions and views. But the main theme is the aspect of politics and relationships. My favourite character so far, Jim Li, was created for the latest version to touch on political views of the world in the future, though admittedly they aren’t very in-depth when my own knowledge in the area is limited out of ignorance. But seeing that it is aimed at young adults, I suppose it might not matter.

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