To Be, Or Not to Be?

That is the question, which answer I got out of my recent 4-week attendance of method acting class.

It was so surreal. The past four weeks went by so quickly that I could hardly believe that it’s over. When I first signed up in February on a whim, I wanted to get it done and over with, get it crossed over my bucket list. Ironically, after the first session, I was so overwhelmed by the prospect and syllabus that I dreaded the class for an entire week—and thank the heavens my stubbornness dragged me to the second session, and from then on it was an experience of a lifetime. I found myself entering a world of pure and beautiful art, a wonderful discovery of the depth of life and being, and I was so entranced by it all that I couldn’t anymore focus on mundane IT work and only think of what I can do better for the sake of art in storytelling. Best of all, the environment was fantastic and comfortable—it was a space where nobody judged anyone.

Acting (or at least method acting) may not be for me, this I will stand by since the first session, but it surely makes me admire and appreciate actors more than ever, and that’s what I’m incorporating into my writing from here on.

Here is the quick list of what I have learned throughout the entire workshop, off the top of my head:

  1. Hard work beats talent any day.
  2. Always give your 100% and more. There’s nothing to lose.
  3. Make strong choices. Convince the audience.
  4. Be interested to be interesting.

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