Snippet – “He is my Photographer.”

A snippet from the third draft of the screenplay “He is my Photographer” for the series Hot Shot Reporter.

(rolls eyes)
Stan, you have a photo blog. Yet your photographs are of exceptional quality and skill. Nothing that a low-end camera could produce, and certainly not by an amateur. Yet you only ever blogged about food, sceneries, people – ordinary things. It does not add up.

That’s because I am an ordinary person!

Yes, but you are an ordinary person with a very good camera and remarkable phototaking skill, why waste it on ordinary pictures?

STAN’S eyes widen. DAVE is right. And he is closing in like a predator to his prey.

You don’t photograph for money. You don’t make stocks. Hence, there is only one other thing you could use your hobby on.

DAVE snatches the camera and turns on the display. He iterates through the photographs. A homeless woman, a won football match, a car accident…

STAN swallows.

Current issues.

DAVE smiles, returns the camera, and takes a step back. STAN shakes his head, throwing his hands up.

What do you want from me?

Updated on 20 October 2017.