Ideas that I may want to work on in the future, not those that are in progress as given on the homepage. Writings take precedence.



Dermot Vigil is a private detective who is very, well, private. Not that it matters as he is anyone but famous, not quite a Sherlock Holmes and often in trouble for his methods. Nevertheless, he hires a biographer, Philip Truman, to account his life, up until his planned death in the near future, claiming that it will save the world from a war yet to blow.


Project: Eliminate

After the previous principal is murdered, a new principal takes the place of controlling Wesmin Academy – literally. Crime rate is increasing in the school, and head prefect Inoue Takashi will not rest until he figures out why.

Project: Create

Resigned police officer begins a life of teaching at Wesmin Academy, where he meets the peculiar Takara Ryuu, a student who claims to know the future and the answer to immortality.

Project: Decode

Kida Shii has been spending his nights chasing after a self-proclaimed phantom thief by the name Kida Chii since their fateful meeting one night, because he looks exactly like him. Chii promises to give him answers the moment Shii beats him in any competition he comes up with.

Ghost Recital

Terui Hiroshi gives up his family legacy of becoming an exorcist to pursue music by moving out of his home to attend college in a rural town. However, on his first day at the new school, he meets Konton, the most dangerous evil soul that ever existed and threatens to destroy the humans with an army of vengeful spirits.

Lost Soul

Okamoto Ryouta is suddenly being pursued by a fellow student, Shirakawa Eiji, who claimed him to be an evil soul. Turns out he is indeed an evil soul, but also himself, merged into the same body. Their goal now is to figure out if they can live symbiotically, or his body must be sacrificed for good.